+44 (0) 1189 724002 | 07767 870295 
Lodge End, Tokers Green Lane, Kidmore End, Reading, Berkshire RG4 9EB 


Specialists in Questioned Documents have an understanding of issues relating to signatures and handwriting and other aspects of document examination that routinely arise in their field. These include methods of examining documents to show authenticity or to determine alterations to them; the examination and comparison of handwriting and signatures and general examinations such as for indented impressions. My particular areas of expertise are:- 
Fraud -Are you a victim? 
Forensic document and handwriting analysis 
Forensic document and handwriting comparison for Solicitors 
Examination of forgeries and counterfeit documents 
Examination of document additions, obliterations, erasures and alterations 
Handwriting identification and comparison 
Signature identification and comparison 
Graffiti identification and comparison 
Anonymous letters and hatemail 
Mortgage fraud and corporate fraud 
Handwriting identification 
Cheque signature identification 


I am a fully qualified, independent and Graphologist working for clients and solicitors in the UK, Eire and worldwide. Overseas' clients include the following countries:- France, Spain, Poland, Croatia, Lithuania, Greece, New Zealand, Hong Kong, South Africa and various other African countries. Instructions are taken from both private and professional clients. I accept both single and joint instructions from solicitors. I am an English handwriting expert based in Reading, Berkshire. Please phone on 01189 724002 for cv and scale of charges. 
I am a graduate of two Training Courses in Questioned Handwriting and Document Examination: Reed Hayes and Katherine Koppenhaver. Expert Witness training in London was undertaken in 2006/2007 (CUBS), to include modules in Excellence in Report Writing, Courtroom Skills, and basic Law & Procedure. 
My professional, Court compliant reports, in accordance with the provisions set out in Part 35 of the Civil Procedure Rules 1998 and its relevant supplemented practice directions, are designed to support the investigation of civil cases. During the course of my work I have examined thousands of cases for solicitors, both civil and criminal, and all handwriting of unknown or disputed origin and have given expert evidence in UK Courts. By submitting clear, detailed and self-explanatory reports, I aim to eliminate avoidable costs and loss of time in the presentation of Expert Evidence in Courts of Law, and the majority of cases have been settled out of court upon presentation of my written opinion. This has been my sole occupation since 1985 
As a professional Document Examiner I adhere to a very strict code of ethics and all cases are treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality. I do not claim to be a forensic scientist with a laboratory equipped with electrostatic detection apparatus, infra red video equipment and all facilities of a forensic document laboratory. Even the most sophisticated machinery does not obviate the need for interpretation, accurate observation, checked by measurement, systematic analysis, perception and experience. My graphology qualification was obtained in 1983. 
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